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Noel has taken many shots of my band Stampede at various festivals and gigs around the country, and whenever we have seen the results he's always hits the spot.You only get one chance at a rock venue to capture the moment, there is no replay and Noel has done it for us on many occasions
Rueben Archer - Stampede

Noel , great guy, great photographer. He must be, he made us look good!
Bernie Torme - GMT, Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne Band

In this world we've created where people think they can pick up a digital camera and be David Bailey...
Noel Buckley really demonstrates what it truly means to be a photographer and capture the artist in the right light at the right moment... fantastic!
Deborah Bonham

Whenever I see Noel's always-smiling face in or around the stage, I know I'm in safe hands & whatever ridiculous antics I get up to, Noel will not only capture them all, but he'll make me look GOOD...!!!"
Robin Guy (ridiculous drummer)

Noel is one of my favourite photographers, i have used many of his shots over the years, always sharp, great composition, he has the real knack of capturing the moment, always in the thick of the action but never in your face, oh & he'a a smashing bloke
Paul Guerin Quireboys / Joe Elliot's Down n Out'z :)

I have known Noel for a number of years, as a first rate photographer and as a friend. Let me tell you he excells on both fronts! Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to his photography, & the results are superb. The Tygers of Pan Tang, have used many of Noel's images & indeed there is some of his handy work included in the booklet of our new album, 'AMBUSH.' Please be in no doubt, Noel is a 'good egg!'
Robb Weir.....Tygers of Pan Tang

I have known Noel for many years, (even before he had even picked up a camera) and am pleased to say I have been on the other end of his camera lens on many occasions. Noel has developed into an accomplished photographer who seems to have the eye for that 'special shot' which is often hard to get in a live concert situation. He manages to capture those images where you can almost smell the atmosphere eminating from the photograph. If you want something extra from your photographs then you need look no further Noel is 'The man'. I look forward to many years of great photography.
Del Bromham